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Client: Tanqueray x Icebergs

Tanqueray No TEN Martini Trolley

‘An immersive experienced in which your martini is made and swirled right at your table’.  Broadsheet

A partnership between Icebergs Dining Room and Bar and Tanqueray No. Ten delivered the Italian ritual of the hand-swirled martini directly to the table via a custom-built Martini Trolley.

Pairing the ultimate martini with the ultimate view, Iceberg guests could experience their choice of martini cocktail being prepared right in front of their eyes with the Martini Trolley experience. Wheeled tableside, the Martini Trolley featured hand-blown blown glass gallons designed by Sydney-based glass artist Brian Hirst to create the perfect martini serve.

The unique hand-swirling technique used to make a martini (as opposed to when they’re made in a cocktail shaker) controls the effect ice cubes have on the temperature and balance of the cocktail. To further enhance the process, each of the glass gallons was designed to fit the hand of each bartender in order to avoid any unnecessary heat transfer.

The result: an unbeatably smooth Tanqueray No. Ten and a damn good show. A crowd favourite over Summer 2020, the Martini Trolley continues to operate as a highlight experience within the Icebergs Dining Room.