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Client: Alfred x Maison Balzac

Alfred Fragrance No. 12

Olfaction Satisfaction

‘Fragrance No. 12, the result of an aromatic liaison between Maison Balzac & Alfred.

Tantalising the senses is what Alfred does best. Special experiences and acts of art made memorable are our stock in trade, and what marks the moment like a fragrance?

Our friends at Maison Balzac have the uncommon scents to blend spicy Pink Pepper with Peppermint notes and earthy undertones of Amber; fire it up for olfaction satisfaction, distinctively Alfred.

Best accompanied by our ‘Fragrance No. 12’ playlist on Spotify.

Thank you for burning.’

Our in-house collaboration with Maison Balzac.

Perfected over twelve different recipes. A rich combination of oriental scents anchored in Amber, Tobacco, Tonka Beans and Musk, paired with elevated aromatic with top notes of Jasmine, Patchouli, Peppermint Coriander and Pink Pepper to create an alluring fragrance that elicits opulence and hints at late night debauchery.