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Client: Jaguar

‘Road To Nowhere’

Alfred was briefed by Jaguar to create a sculptural installation for the annual March into Merivale festival. The ?Road To Nowhere? concept demonstrates both Alfred’s creative and technical abilities from first thought through to delivery of the final installation.

?Road To Nowhere? is a response to the notion of Guilty Pleasures, the underlying thematic of the annual March into Merivale festival.

Escapism, hedonism and the alternating dimensions and perceptions of Guilty Pleasures create a world with no boundaries where playfulness and forgotten imagination come to the fore. The impossible becomes possible and the unexpected becomes accepted in this temporary window of an opened mind.

?Road To Nowhere? aims to transport guests and patrons into this minds-eye when they first arrive. It?s a porthole into what lies beyond. Something so close to an innocent daydream that it defies gravity and commands wonder.

?Road To Nowhere? was scheduled to be in place for three weeks. It was so popular it remained in place for over three months.