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Client: H&M

H&M Conscious Hub

“Natural recycled timber framed the delicate, dreamy display”

In Spring 2019, the iconic Swedish retailer H&M unveiled its Conscious Collection – a renewable fashion line using floaty, recycled fabrics designed with the circular economy ethos.

At the Pitt Street Sydney flagship shop, an in-store Conscious Hub was built to showcase the collection. The Hub was a space created to entice and inform shoppers with an eye for retail awareness. Natural recycled timber framed the delicate, dreamy display and paper art embellishments by designer Benja Harney added to the beauty of the sustainably styled space.

Information points and icons were incorporated throughout to include an extra layer of knowledge, including fast facts for shoppers to appreciate a new world of slower fashion.

A matching window display was created to draw in curious passers-by, and an in-store launch event with talks and special ethical touches brought it all to life.