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Client: Double Rainbouu

Double Rainbouu

Double Rainbouu – Art, music and playful attitude

Turning heads and dropping beats, the 2017 Australian Fashion Week show for label Double Rainbouu was one big artistic party. Driven by forward-thinking fun, the vision came together with a lot of creative collaboration, bold imagery and music formed the centre of the experience.

Against a mystical moon backdrop, the crowd was exposed to what goes on inside the minds of design duo Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones. Pushing mobile sculptures built by artist Fraser Anderson, one-by-one the models came out into the crowd.

Each sculpture housing a wireless speaker, they all played a unique sound – be it a beat, guitar-chord, or the screeching of a seagull. Not confined by a traditional catwalk, the models walked through and around the audience bouncing the sounds to all parts of the room.

In the background, musician Kim Moyes from the Presets was cleverly crafting it all together, as each sculpture’s noise built on top of the other. As the collection grew, so did the energy, and in the end a full-blown track left the room buzzing.