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Client: TBWA + airbnb

airbnb x Mardi Gras

The Big Gay Stay

Hot pink walls, purple patio furniture and a picket fence. Top that all off with a glitter cannon chimney and you’ve got yourself a Mardi Gras techni-colour dream home.

The dream became a reality when Airbnb created a first of its kind pop-up house for the Sydney Mardi Gras. More than just a pretty face, the home was fully liveable with beds, kitchen, power and privacy. Perched up on Bennelong Lawn, with views of Sydney Harbour, it was the perfect place for visitors looking for somewhere to stay. And stay they did.

One lucky couple won the experience of a lifetime, not only getting the chance to sleepover in the house, but also take part in the parade – from the comfort of their temporary home. Doubling as a float, the giant structure was transported wholesale to Oxford Street and, surrounded by dancers, drag queens and performers, became part of the city’s vibrant celebrations.