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Client: Lunar Hare Productions


“A huge sob caught in my throat. My eyes darted around the theatre to see if anyone heard, only to see others with tears in their eyes. This is not what I expected at a musical. This musical is about domestic violence. And it’s brilliant.”

Alfred is the production company behind ‘B-Girl’, presented at the Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House. Starring the extraordinary artist that is iOTA, this innovative theatrical experience features a live band onstage and all-original music.

“A theatrical and musical experience which crosses boundaries … this is a production which can be literally breathtaking … These are all extraordinary artists.”
Daily Review

“B-Girl is a highly entertaining fresh Australian-made work that showcases some of this country’s excellent theatrical talents and further tries to broaden theatregoer’s expectations as to what constitutes musical theatre.”

“Blazey Best is outstanding … iOTA is absolutely mesmerizing”
Daily Telegraph

“The production is in-your-face amazing … worth seeing for its sheer bravura”

“An explosion of attitude. Profane. Unapologetic. Loud. Fun… B-Girl is a bad-ass show … A hell of a night out.”

“When the music is this good, it’s downright orgasmic.”
Ann Foo, Artshub